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General Rental Information:

  1. The individual who will rent the car and the driver have to possess a valid driving license.
  2. A valid ID card or passport must be shown at the beginning of the rental period


Age Restrictions:

  1. Minimum age in Cyprus is 21 and the driver has to be in possession of a valid driving license for at least 3 years. Maximum age in Cyprus is 75.
  2. A Surcharge of EUR 7.00 per day applies for drivers between 21 and 25 years of age and 71 and 75 years age. This surcharge applies to all cars without any exception.


Reservation, Cancelation and Extension of Rental:

  1. Cars are booked by choosing the type of the car. We will do everything that is possible to meet our customers needs, however preferences are subject to availability at the time of rental.
  2. Confirmations of booking will be normally be sent via e-mail within 24-hours of the booking request.
  3. All cancellations must be received within 48 hours from the time that the car hire is due to start. After this point one day`s rent will be charged as a penalty.
  4. Should you wish to extend your rental beyond the agreed date, it is important that GEM CAR RENTALS office must be informed immediately so that the insurance coverage to be extended.
  5. If the individual who has rent the car wishes to return the car to GEM CAR RENTALS earlier than the agreed period, then GEM CAR RENTALS will refund him only the 50% of the total amount that is due to be paid for the remaining days.


Conditions of Payment:

  1. We accept cash and all credit cards and debit cards from internationally recognized credit card companies - such as American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard / Mastercard, Visa. All credit cards and debit cards must be in the name of the driver and have to be presented at the beginning of the rental period.
  2. At the time when the customer makes the booking of the relevant car in Cyprus, GEM CAR RENTALS will hold  a deposit to cover the excess amount for insurance purposes, and the deposit which will be held would according to the type of the car from the credit and/or debit card of the customer.
  3. GEM CAR RENTALS will unhold the deposit to the customer when he returns the car to the same great and/or excellent condition he recognizes that he receives it.
  4. Pre-pay Terms And Conditions
    100% pre-pay:
    Customers may cancel a 100% prepaid booking and receive a full refund provided GEM CAR RENTALS is advised 3 days prior to pickup date.
    For cancellations of rentals with less than 3 days notice, a refund of 50% of the voucher value will be made.
    No refund For cancellations of rentals with less than 24 hours.
     10% Pre-Pay:
    No refund 

Rates Included:

  1. Vat is included in Rates
  2. Unlimited mileage for car rentals for a rental period of up to 30 days.
  3. Road maps
  4. Change of the car in case of mechanical breakdown (only if the breakdown occurred from unforeseeable events)
  5. Delivery to a hotel/apartment of the client in Limassol

6.Third Party Insurance - C.D.W: Collision Damage Waiver with Excess (does not cover any damage which was caused to the windows, windscreen, glass, interior, personal belongings, wheels and/or tires, the roof or undercarriage, side mirrors, and headlamps).


  • 600 euro for
  • 800 euro for
  • 1000 euro for

Rates excluded:

  1. Fuel
  2. Deliveries and collections outside of Limassol
  3. Early/ Late Return
  4. Fines, Toll Fees & Parking charges
  5. Administrative fee for fines and damages
  6. No show
  7. Key/ Documents loss
  8. Any help or a tow truck for the customer in case of accident or vehicle damage if it was caused by customer fault.
  9. If the customer wishes to have an additional insurance (SCDW) with low excess instead of the standard CDW (Third Party Insurance) then this is possible for an additional charge (cover any damage which was caused to the body of the car, windows, windscreen, wheels and/or tires, the roof or undercarriage, side mirrors, and headlamps).
  • Surcharge 10.00 euro per day for groups A, A1, A2, A3, A4 excess 100.00 euro.
  • Surcharge 13.00 euro per day for groups В, В1, B2 excess 150.00 euro.
  • Surcharge 15.00 euro per day for groups С, C1, C2, H excess 200.00 euro.
  • Surcharge 17.00 euro per day for groups С3, H1, G, G1, D excess 250.00 euro.
  • Surcharge 17.00 euro per day for groups J, D1, D2, J1 excess 500.00 euro.
  • Surcharge 35.00 euro per day for groups J2, J3 excess 750.00 euro.

10.Baby seats: Euro 3.00 per day (each)

  1. Additional driver: Extra charge of Euro 8.00 per driver per day.
  2. GPS Navigation: Extra charge of Euro 5.00 per day. GPS Navigation System must be returned to GEM CAR RENTALS at the end of the rental period.


Cross Border Rentals & Territorial Restrictions:

  1. Cross Border Rentals are not allowed.
  2. According to the Cyprus Law any cars taken to the Turkish Occupied Area are not covered by any Insurance.
  3. In case of any kind of offence or anything that may be happened in the Turkish Occupied Area is not covered by the insurance and all insurances lose their validity.


Returning your car:

  1. Unless you have arranged to extend your rental period, your car should be returned to the location and at the time that is mentioned in Rental Agreement. If the customer fails to comply with this term he will be charged the fee of an extra day.
  2. Smoking and eating is strictly prohibited inside the car. Failure to comply with this term imposes a fine to the customer of 100.00 Euro


Traffic Fines:

  1. All traffic fines and any/or any kind of fines which might be occurred during the rental period are the customer’s responsibility.
  2. If the customer wants to pay the fine to the company, then the customer has to pay the total amount of the fine as well as any administrative fees and/or expenses that the company will endure as a consequence.


Rental more than 31 days:

GEM CAR RENTALS has the right to change:

  1. The excess amount of the insurance policy  
  2. Prices for equipment and extras
  3. Extra mileage will be charged according to the type of the car.


Miscellaneous Terms:

  1. The customer who rents a car from the company must perform daily checks to the car and must return the car to the company in the same condition that he received the car on the commencement of the rental period.

(a) If during the relevant period, the customer encounters any issues/problems with the condition of the car, he must immediately contact the car rental company to inform about these issues/problems.

(b) The customer will not in any way attempt to resolve or fix the issue/problem by himself.

(c) The company will send authorized personnel to inspect the car and resolve the problem 

(d) If the customer does not comply with the term (1)(b) above, any damage that occurs to the car will have to be paid by the customer.

  1. The customer does not have any right to change/ replace any tires to the car by himself. 

(a) If the customer causes damage to the tires of the car he must immediately inform the company and the company will charge the customer at the amount of the new tires that will need to be changed/ replaced.

(b) The customer accepts that the new tires must be of the same brand and type as the non-damage tires.

  1. The company has the absolute right to charge the customer for any damages he has caused to the car, when this damage becomes known to the company, and after an inspection from the Company which will take place the maximum within 7 business days of the end of the rental agreement.
  2. If the customer causes any damage to the car, then the company will need to provide the customer with a detail report of the total amount of damage/loss.
  3. If the customer causes any accident, then the company has the absolute right to terminate the rental agreement and not provide the customer with any other vehicle as well as not refund the customer for the remaining days of the rental period.
  4. The customer accepts that only the person(s) who is listed in the car rental agreement is permitted to drive the car.

(a) If any other person(s) drives the car (unauthorized person) he/she will not be covered by insurance and (b) the unauthorized driver accepts full responsibility for his actions and must cover all the damages and/or losses.

7. When the customer returns the car that he/she rented from GEM CAR RENTALS the fuel has to be the same level on the time of the delivery the car to the client.